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  • XERVON is a leading supplier of scaffolding and weather protection solutions for building construction, civil engineering and industrial projects. We use scaffolding systems and accessories from the world’s leading manufacturers and are available with own depots at 5 locations in Sweden.

    XERVON has the knowledge and resources to properly design, erect, dismantle and service scaffolding and weather protection solutions for complex, large as well as time-critical projects in building construction, renovation and for industry audits.

    Our service delivery is characterized by high reliability as well as purposeful and systematic safety work at all levels - for our own staff, for our customers and for the contractors who use the equipment we deliver in their daily work.
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  • Together sister companies in 33 more countries, we are part of the international industrial group REMONDIS.

In brief

Company nameXERVON Sweden AB
Turnover 2017250 million Swedish kronor
Employees 2017App 200
Depots and local salesStockholm, Gothenburg, Norrköping, Örebro, Karlstad
ManagementJens Sjöberg, CEO
Henrik Säberg, Sales
Catarina Parkkonen, CFO
HistoryFounded in 1993, part of German XERVON since 2012

Knowledgeable - safe - purposeful

Our vision

For us at XERVON Sweden, our owner’s mission statement “Working for the Future” signifies proudly doing our utmost at work every day. In an ever progressing construction industry, we act with confidence and use all our knowledge, safety expertise and creativity to purposefully contribute in developing our projects, workplaces and our industry. We help shape the future.

Our business concept

XERVON is a leading supplier of scaffolding and weather protection solutions for building construction and industrial projects in Sweden. Our service delivery is characterized by high reliability as well as purposeful and systematic safety work at all levels. With expertise and responsiveness, we help ensure timely and successful projects, secure workplaces and deliver best overall cost efficiency for our clients.

Our goals

XERVON's goal is to build Sweden's largest and most profitable scaffolding operations through hard work, acquisitions and partnerships. This in order to secure the resources and industry experts necessary to further develop our business, our teams and our industry. And not the least, to be awarded and successfully deliver on the most prestigious and challenging assignments.

Our goal is also to be Sweden's safest scaffolding company. This requires a purposefulness and systematic approach to safety, taking responsibility at all levels, eagerness to constantly improve and the courage to challenge and propose ways to do things better. The safety of our own staff, our colleagues or our customers is never compromised.

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  • Contact

      • Jens Sjöberg e-mail
        T +46 10 482 10 01

      • Henrik Säberg e-mail
        Sales Manager
        National customers
        Regional manager North
        T +46 10 482 10 06 // M +46 70 484 02 49

      • Martin Andersson e-mail
        Regional manager West
        T +46 10 482 10 21 // M +46 732 74 43 26

      • Kjell Jonsson e-mail
        Regional manager Stockholm/Uppsala
        T +46 10 482 10 11 // M +46 766 770 694

      • Håkan Reineborg e-mail
        Regional manager Central
        T +46 10 482 10 25 // M +46 70 636 89 00

      • Thomas Övermark e-mail
        Regional manager East
        T +46 10 482 10 30 // M +46 76 626 80 69

  • Fairness as a principle

    • Responsibility and sincerity are cornerstones of our corporate culture. In all the countries where we are present, we adhere to applicable laws and regulations but also act in line with important moral and ethical principles. Our comprehensive compliance policy, our Code of Conduct, is a mandatory framework for all management teams and employees of BUCHEN, XERVON and REMONDIS.

    • Additional Information:

      Read the REMONDIS Group’s Code of Conduct here
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