Interested in becoming a partner?

Over the years, we have built longstanding and well-functioning partnerships with independent subcontractors who contribute with qualified personnel in large and / or time-critical projects. Many skilled scaffolders have worked on behalf of XERVON in various projects and are well acquainted with our routines and requirements for planning, documentation and safety.

We are always interested in getting in touch with talented scaffolders and subcontractors who want to help us in major projects around Sweden. Are you interested in a collaboration and meet the quality requirements we place on our subcontractors? If so, please contact one of our regional managers or our CEO, Jens Sjöberg.

Quality criteria subcontractor cooperation (UE)

From our subcontractors, we require at least the following:

  • That documentation of verified and approved training for all staff is provided: Minimum certificate of professional qualification/education and, where relevant, also other specific certificates, e.g. safe lifting, truck driving, hot work etc.
  • That at least 60% of the staff provided holds STIB's certificate of competence
  • That the subcontractor shares XERVON’s view on the importance of safety and OHS, and that its personnel in all respects comply with XERVON’s safety regulations
  • That the supplier informs its staff of and ensures that XERVON’s rules of procedure are followed
  • That the supplier holds:
    • A Swedish F-tax certificate and provides information on tax liability
    • A substitute agreement with the collective agreement of the Swedish Building Workers’ Union (Byggnads) or is a member of the Swedish Construction Federation (Sveriges Byggindustrier)
    • A valid business insurance
    • Inspection protocols for protective safety harnesses
    • Proof of employment and list of next of kin for all its staff
    • Valid ID06 cards for all staff provided
  • That the supplier signs a UE2015 agreement and approves of registration with the Swedish Building Workers’ Union (Byggnads)
  • That the supplier's personnel wear XERVON-labelled warning vests alternatively work clothes provided by XERVON
  • That the supplier agrees to being audited annually
  • That the supplier does not, in turn, hire subcontractors or replace personnel without XERVON’s consent
  • That all incidents – safety observations, incidents and accidents - are reported to XERVON’s supervisor on site
  • That XERVON’s billing routines are adhered to. Factoring may not be used without the written consent of XERVON
  • That VAT and payroll tax is paid according to applicable rules (checked by excerpt from the Swedish Tax Agency)
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