XERVON is a leading supplier of scaffolding and work platforms for building construction and industrial projects throughout Sweden. Our experienced project managers design and prepare calculations to ensure that scaffolds can be erected safely and in accordance with current regulations.

Appropriate scaffolding materials are delivered from our depots and adapted to the conditions at the work site. We have the resources to provide and assemble scaffolds for complex and time-critical building construction, renovation and audit projects, as well as the experience needed to work in extreme conditions. For large projects, we have access to the entire XERVON Group’s material pool and well-developed partnerships with qualified subcontractors.

Scaffolding is provided for both facade renovations and extensive new building construction. For industrial clients and infrastructure projects, scaffolding and shoring solutions are provided also for maintenance and audit assignments. In addition to scaffolding systems, we also provide swing stage scaffolds and work platforms.

To protect the workplace and create a better working environment, our scaffolding solutions are often supplemented with weather protection or comprehensive side coverage.

Yllefabriken Norrköping – Modern vintage

  • The giant industrial property Yllefabriken, located right in the centre of the city of Norrköping, is being converted into modern housing and offices. Xervon provides weather protection and scaffolding solutions to allow not only for the renovation of the buildings but also for the addition of new windows, balconies and a new roof. The project, which is managed by Sefab Bygg, comprises over 20,000 square meters of premises and is expected to be completed in 2020.

    With more than a quarter of the property's facade facing Motala stream, a somewhat unusual solution was chosen for the anchoring the scaffolds. A constant, slow stream of water and good ground conditions for construction made it possible to anchor the construction under the water surface. So… Xervon's team defied the winter cold, put on waders and started working.

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Scaffolding equipment from the leading manufacturers

  • We cooperate with the leading suppliers of modern system scaffolding and select equipment depending on project, land conditions, access, distance and conditions in general. All in order to offer a dependable and flexible solutions but also safeguarding safe working environment as possible for our own staff and those who will use our scaffolding solutions.

    Layher's lightweight all-round equipment can be used for most objects - a versatile, stable and secure, modular solution allowing for fast and efficient erection of scaffolds. Layher's Protect system, which offers comprehensive side coverage against wind, rain and snow, keeps the workplace dry and safe.

    Burton's flexible pipe fittings come in handy in tight spaces and where the object has many angles.

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