Purposeful and systematic approach to safety

The work of our staff involves assembling scaffolding at a height of 50 meters at an oil refinery, erecting a weather protection system on top of a high-rise building or constructing a working platform inside a cistern. The pedestrians who pass underneath a scaffolding frame on the pedestrian street in Örebro, the welders who carry out audit work at the incineration plant in Norrköping, or the construction manager at the hospital building in Solna as well as all our own staff should all be equally safe.

Our goal is also to be Sweden's safest scaffolding company. This requires a purposeful and systematic approach to safety, taking responsibility at all levels, eagerness to constantly improve and the courage to challenge and propose ways to do things better. The safety of our own staff, our colleagues or our customers is never compromised.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our and the industry's safety work. Our policy on quality, the environment and workplace safety is available here.

Certified according to BF9K

    • Our safety work is based on the BF9K management and certification system, similar to an ISO certification but adapted to the requirements of the construction industry in terms of quality, environmental and occupational health. For each assignment there is a clear project organization in place and we run our projects based on a thorough and quality-assured work process all the way from planning and risk assessment to self-checks.

    We work actively to reduce the negative impact on the environment and to ensure the health and safety of our workforce. Safety deviations, accidents and incidents are addressed and remedied. The BF9K certification is only renewed after an annual audit of an independent certification and control organization. More

Authorized by STIB

    • XERVON holds an authorization by the industry organization STIB, Ställningsentreprenörerna, since 2010. This requires that only materials approved are used and that all employees have the proper knowledge and training required to perform scaffolding work according to Swedish laws and industry regulations.

    In addition to fulfilling requirements on our organization related to OHS and safety, the STIB authorization also requires that all our employees have documented formal training and are continuously offered further development.

    All our scaffolders meet formal training requirements and hold professional certificates. In addition, at least 60% also hold STIB's certificate of competence. The authorization is renewed every two years after examination by an independent authorization board consisting of client representatives. More

Tougher rules for the industry

The Swedish Work Environment Authority’s new regulations and advice on scaffolding and weather protection came into force on July 1, 2014. The new rules aim to reduce the number of accidents in the construction industry and include everything from planning, assembly and use of scaffolding to requirements on the equipment used. The new rules clarify the responsibilities and obligations of all actors, help to set the rules of the game for the industry and raise the requirements on documented training. AFS 2013: 4 will hopefully become an industry standard. More

Proactive OHS work

    • We have decided to use the standards of the petrochemical industry's approach to OHS as corresponding standard are currently lacking in the construction industry. By continuously monitoring, registering and following up on incidents, whether these lead to personal injury or not, we ensure that our work is proactive and not just reactive. Personal injury is best prevented by avoiding risk situations and risk behaviors, and it is only when you know which these are that you can act on these.

    In recent years, we have minimized the number of personal injuries from a LTI frequency of 16 in 2007 to steadily below 2 today. Registration and follow-up of incidents is a natural part of our working day.

    Read more about the petrochemical industry's OHS standards. To IOGP

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